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Transportation Industry Cleaning Solutions

Efficiency is the key to success for any shipping, transport, or logistics company. A clean, well maintained operation keeps everyone on schedule. Don’t let the build up of dirt and grime cause delays in your business. Action Equipment Sales with locations in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Evansville and Louisville has the best cleaning equipment for your everyday transportation and trucking needs! Our unmatched lineup of professional commercial pressure washers, undercarriage washing equipment and pressure washer detergents are exactly what you need to keep your fleet spotless, your customers happy, and your timeline tight. Don’t limit yourself to just your fleet, our washers are perfect for storage areas, vehicle bays as well. Tidy, spotless trucks and cargo holds will help you stand out from the competition.

We all know that it’s critical to keep maintenance bays and diesel repairs shops squeaky clean. Not only for cleanliness, but for safety as well. Our professional line up of sweepers, scrubbers and floor degreasers give you everything you need to keep your floors looking brand new.  With our cylindrical sweeps and scrubbers, we save you time by completely eliminating the pre-sweeping process and let you get right to the deep clean. 


You need high-performance cleaning strategies that keep operating costs low, and are easy to use. Action Equipment Sales provides a line up of Hotsy and Landa pressure washers and transportation cleaning equipment are the perfect solution. Whether it’s the back of a vehicle, a warehouse, or a loading bay,  these machines can tackle the toughest of jobs. Companies all over the world rely on transport and logistics to keep their business going, so we understand the necessity of efficient, hassle-free cleaners. With our transportation cleaning equipment, you’ll enjoy reliable functionality, easy parts replacement, and friendly service. Our pressure washer units work with a variety of accessories, to help you get to hard-to-reach places, like under vehicles, and our sweep machines can help you keep warehouses tidy.

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Top Rated Cleaning Machines for Transportation Industry

FC MINI HD cylindrical

With the perfect balance of maneuverability and productivity, the Mini-HD will simplify and improve your cleaning. 

concentrate foam unit

Powered by compressed air. Draws from two concentrated products simultaneously. Ideal for 2-part products that need to be mixed on the fly

2530 Front-Load Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer

A mighty mini that is practically effortless. The Cuda 2530 is the smallest in the front-load automatic parts washer models and is more compact than many solvent tanks. Featuring a turntable diameter of 25-inches, working height of 30-inches, and load capacity of 500 lbs. 

Hotsy 1800 Series

These stationary machines provide hot water cleaning indoors. Certified to UL-1776 safety standards and featuring the Hotsy Triplex efficient pump.

Landa VHG

Compact yet heavy duty, VHG is ideal for congested work areas where space is at a premium. Delivers enough power to clean a variety of challenges. Optional wireless remote control available.

Hurricane Pro UnderCarriage cleaner

Cleans salt, grease dirt and debris from vehicle underbody chassis. Horizontal or vertical cleaning positions. Relax action trigger for long periods of use.