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Cat Pumps product line includes the world’s most dependable high-pressure reciprocating triplex plunger and piston pumps. Action Equipment is your local authorized dealer in Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Indiana and  Louisville, Kentucky.

Belt Drive Pumps

Cat Pumps offers a range of belt-driven pumps from 0.13 GPM up to 240 GPM. Belt-drive is a very popular option because of the flow flexibility given within pulley ratios. Using a belt-drive isolates the pump from the heat and vibration of the motor or engine driving the pump.  The belt also isolates shock from an engine or motor on start up, which can put excess wear on the crankshaft and drive end components. 

Centrifugal Pumps

Cat Pumps offers a line of centrifugal pumps that complements both our pistons and plunger pump product lines. These pumps offer solutions to high-flow, low-pressure pumping needs. The pump housings are made of bulge formed 304 stainless steel that is stronger, lighter, more durable, and more cost-effective than conventional cast iron pumps.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Cat Pumps offers a complete line of stainless steel pumps to meet the demands of many industrial applications. Available as 304, 316 and duplex stainless steel, these pumps are stock items at Cat Pumps and offer a wide variety of flow and pressure ranges:  0.5 – 240 GPM, and 100 – 10,000 PSI. The stainless steel pumps offer superior corrosion resistance, strength and long life in the applications where aggressive liquids are being pumped. 

Plunger Pumps

Cat Pumps high-pressure plunger pumps are recognized in the industry as the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps available. Cat Pumps designs and builds products to the highest quality level because our customers depend on our products to keep their equipment running.

Gearbox Pumps

Cat Pumps gearbox pumps are direct-drive high-pressure pumps that can be easily mounted on standard gas or diesel engines up to 24 horsepower. The gearbox drive has a 2 to 1 ratio allowing the pump to run at half the speed of the engine.

Direct Drive Pumps

Cat Pumps’ direct-drive pumps offer a compact and cost-effective pump mounting, and are available for electric and engine drives. This option allows for easy installation with the pump mounting directly to the motor or engine. For electric motor direct-drive pumps there are two options available: hollow shaft pumps and bell housing.

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Every design detail of Cat Pumps products is optimized for long-life and reliable performance, making Cat Pumps the most trusted name in high-pressure pumps and systems.