Hydro Excavation, Jetting, Nozzles, Equipment & Parts

Hydro excavation is a soil removal technique that employs pressurized water to create a dirt slurry instead of using mechanical tools. The resulting slurry can then be vacuumed using hydrovac equipment to reveal deeper layers of the ground below. This method is often used to uncover utility lines and pipe systems, as it poses minimal risk of damage to the infrastructure. Additionally, hydro excavation processes can be applied to septic, mainline, and hydro jetting projects using the same industrial parts and accessories. With its versatility and minimal impact on the environment, hydro excavation has become a popular choice for excavation and digging projects in a variety of industries.

Action Equipment, an Indiana authorized dealer & distributor for Hydro-Flex & Dig Pig carries the hydro excavation nozzles, hoses, wash out guns and reels to get the job done.  We also carry the top brands such as General pump, Cat Pumps, AR Pumps & Suttner parts and accessories including 1/2’’ pipe, quick connectors, hose, etc.

Top Rated Tools & Accessories for Hydro Excavation

Hydrovac & Industrial Turbo Nozzle

Our heavy-duty Silencer is by far the toughest nozzle on the market today. Constructed with the hardest machined Cover made from Nylon Infused Plastic, giving the ultimate protection to the nozzle and underground utilities. The body and inlet are made from 303 stainless steel and the rotor is made with strengthen anodized aluminum and stainless steel, unlike our competitors with plastic internals parts. Our Carbide and Seats parts are 80% stronger than any other nozzle on the market for greater longevity and greater shock impact for timely wear. Our advance Coin Filter System also adds extra protection to the nozzle internals from greater water filtration!

Titan Industrial Lance

Dig Pig Products is proud to present the Titan, the strongest, safest, and longest-lasting lance on the market!
The Titans not only ALL come in five different sizes, (3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ & 7′), but you can choose between the lightweight ‘aluminum’ Titan, which is anodized for strength in a beautiful Dig Pig Red), or our Heavy Duty “stainless steel” version.  

Easy Grip Handle

The Easy Grip Hydrovac Handle is the first handle ever created for the hydrovac industry. The patent-pending design gives you control and comfort with less vibration like never before. Made for horizontal or vertical mounting and constructed with light-weight aluminum and strengthened with Type-3 annodizing.


The Ripsaw HD Rotating Turbo nozzle is specifically designed and engineered for the rugged Hydro-Excavation industry. It’s cone shaped flow pattern is ideal for potholing applications.


The Switchblade™ nozzle is designed and engineered for the rugged Hydro-Excavation industry. These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles allow you to cut through dirt faster while using dramatically less water.

    Hydraflex Nozzles

    The Machete™ is a premium oscillating tool and the first of its kind in the hydro-excavation market. By moving water in an oscillating motion combined with a smaller spray angle, the direct stream provides a more forceful flow and impact.


    The Reaper is the most powerful rotating sewer jetting nozzle in the industry, designed to hit specific angles that shorten the time it takes to cut through blockages. Complete jobs faster, save time, save water, and save money!


      The Revolution by Reaper is an all-in-one sewer jetting tool that builds on the cutting power of the Reaper, with the same front rotating stream and rear jets to clear the toughest blockages …

      Hydro Excavating Turbo Nozzles

      Added extension to the outlet to help prevent mud and dirt from damaging the seat and rotor.

      1/2" Hydro Excavation Lance-Plated Steel

      Available in 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. lengths. Your choice of sch. 80 aluminum or sch. 40 plated steel.

      1/2" Hydro Excavation Lance-Aluminum

      Available in 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., and 6 ft. lengths. • Your choice of sch. 80 aluminum or sch. 40 plated steel.

      1/2" Turbo Nozzle Strainer

      Complying with the highest requirements to durability of high pressure accessories. Easy adaptation between lance and nozzle.

      ST-3240 Hydro Ex Inline Spray Gun

      Comfortable ergonomic hand grip design and reduces fatigue. LTF (Low Trigger Force” reduces pulling force by 40% and holding force by 90%. Chemical resistant.

      ST-3600 Spray Gun

      Our highest pressure rated industrial spray gun. orged stainless steel housing, piston, and malleable seat. Special heat and chemical resistant seals.

      Inline Hydro Excavation Spray Gun

      Safer than a ball valve. Impact resistant trigger guard. Horizontal flow-through design.