Pressure Washers for Construction Industry

Construction Cleaning Solutions

Let’s face it, you need your job sites to stay clean and safe, but matter what you do, dirt and debris finds its way back in. When it comes to asphalt, sawdust, oils, dyes, solvents, and other messes, there is no avoiding the mess. Action Equipment Sales has commercial and industrial cleaning solutions that your business needs to keep your job sites clean and safe. We have been providing an unmatched inventory of professional-grade Hotsy & Landa pressure washers with certified parts and accessories to Indiana and Kentucky businesses for years. Our cleaning equipment and custom blended detergents and degreasers easily helps you get rid of any grease build up, dirt or grime that you might encounter on your construction site.

Action Equipment Sales has the perfect cleaning solutions for cleaning all of your equipment. Whether it’s service vehicles, heavy machinery, rental equipment, building facades, or jobsite floors, we have cleaning equipment for you. Keeping your work environment clean is vital to the health and safety of your employees as well as maintaining the value of your work. Our rugged built industrial pressure washers and chemicals can assist you with cleaning construction equipment and debris cleaning no matter what kind of project you’re working on. Action Equipment Sales with locations in Indiana and Kentucky, also has replacement parts and repair service you need, to keep your washer unit going strong for years to come.

If you need efficient, affordable and user-friendly pressure washers for construction equipment cleaning in the Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Evansville and Louisville areas, give Action Equipment Sales a call today. We understand the unique cleaning needs of the construction industry, and we can help you with even your toughest cleaning jobs. (800) 333-0368

Top Rated Cleaning Machines for Construction

Hotsy 1075SSE

Powered by gasoline engines, these power washers are some of the most popular on the market today. The five different models provide a wide array of cleaning power.

Hotsy 1280SSG

If you need on-site hot water cleaning, the 1200 series provide the best value. These cleaning units are self contained and come with ETL safety certification.


The MHC series pressure washer is known for being rugged and powerful. Easy to maneuver around corridors and hallways.

TR Rider Floor Sweeper

This floor sweeper is built for factories. Compact but powerful, this floor sweeper for our Indiana customers can clean up any material, including dirt, metal shavings, wood, bolts, or whatever you need.

Landa slt Series

A go to pressure washer for many, the SLT is popular in the mining and drilling industries. This beast can handle even the toughest stains and grease.

WaterMaze Water Blaster

25 GPM and 500 PSI. 2 Electrical Configurations. Rugged self-priming, high-pressure diaphragm pump