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Are you paying too much for soap? Don’t pay for 90% Water!! Remove Industrial Soils faster with a Super Concentrate Chemical System

Action Equipment detergent systems

Make the smart choice by considering Action Equipment’s powerful high performance industrial degreasers for floor scrubbers and pressure washers. Using a super concentrate chemical, our systems are highly regarded for their performance, cost savings and safety features:

Performance: Our patented “positive emulsion” formula emulsifies grease, oils and heavy industrial soils faster and more completely when compared to traditional cleaners/degreasers. True super concentrates are over 7 times more concentrated than ordinary cleaners. Cleaning results become consistent as the proper dilution of chemicals is utilized.

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Safety: Our chemical systems are closed loop, so workers drastically reduce the amount of skin contact with the actual product. Since our product has superior emulsion performance, we dramatically reduce the chance of workplace injury due to slip and fall accidents.

Cost Savings: The advantages of a super concentrate vs. traditional cleaners are many, but the bottom line is cost and efficiency. Competing products are 85-95% water! Why should you pay for water? Why ship water? We deliver only the super concentrated cleaning solutions, not the water. Freight costs are less and you can reduce storage space.

Dual Draw ActiBlend System: We deliver the super concentrated cleaning solutions, not the water. The ActiBlend super concentrate system offers the cleaning power of a 55-gallon drum within two 1 cubic foot containers! Delivered in a pair, the containers deliver up to 1,810 gallons of ready to use degreaser, when mixed with your water. Using a simple wall mounted control, operators turn the valve to fill buckets and scrubbers.

ActiBlend Rapid Fill System: For companies using high amounts of degreasers, the Rapid Fill System is the best solution. The Rapid Fill System uses the same concept as the Dual Draw system, but in larger quantities, equipping you with up to 30,000 gallons of ready to use cleaner through a system of totes and barrels stored on a sturdy industrial rack system. Combined with innovative dispensing, users can fill at 30 gallons per minute. The system refills while you clean and automatically shuts off when full.

Degreasers are available in many varieties – from Heavy Duty Alkaline to neutral Ph Cleaners. Ask about our Certified Green products. Contact an Action Equipment salesperson in Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Evansville or Louisville to schedule an on-site comparison and learn which super concentrate is right for you.

Buy and Try and Compare Our Detergents
Our "Buy and Try" program places a chemical system in your facility to try for 30 days. We’ll bill you, but offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
We’d be happy to perform a side by side comparison test to show you how effective our chemical systems can be over your current program. We’ll perform a no cost plant chemical audit on all bulk cleaning systems currently in place and being used in scrubber and pressure washer applications. We’ll perform a positive emulsion test, which is a side by side comparison of our chemicals vs. yours.
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