There is a surging debate in the industrial cleaning equipment community and it’s time to address the issue.  What is the best pressure washer, hot or cold?  Believe it or not there are hundreds of articles dedicated to discussing this quandary all over the internet, but we intend to once-and-for-all answer the burning question in the industrial world by breaking down the rationale for using a cold or hot water pressure washer.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

The glaring reason for using a hot water pressure washer is pretty inherent, using hot water is a better way to clean certain conditions.  In particular, hot water pressure washing cleaning is designed to tackle oil, grease, grime & oily residue that is difficult to deal with due to its molecular bonds…in scientific terms, it’s pretty sticky stuff.  When handling this type of cleaning project, you have the benefit of 200 degree Fahrenheit water pumped out at 1000 – 3000 PSI that will cut through a good amount, if not all, of the muck.  There is also a sanitation benefit to hot water in the bacteria/germ minimization that is accompanied with the high temperatures being used to clean.  

That being said, one of the greatest ​differentiators between hot and cold pressure washers is the cleaning power. Let’s be honest, hot water cleans better, with ease. Hot water offers extra cleaning power when your situation needs it, but paired with detergent, then agitation & heated water, the simplicity associated with tough cleaning and hot water pressure washers is apparent.

The Hotsy 795SS hot water pressure washer is one of the most popular models available at Action Equipment Sales. One of the most efficient hot water pressure washers in Hotsy’s line-up offering a nice balance of Hotsy rugged cleaning performance and entry-level affordability. The Hotsy 795SS is Hotsy’s most popular pressure washers; standard features include a ETL safety certification, 3.5 GPM (gallons/minute) @ 2000 – 3000 PSI cleaning power & a technologically advanced heat exchanger that heats water to higher temperatures for a much faster and better cleaning result. 

Cold Water Pressure Washer

A cold water pressure washer is much more ideal for cleaning bulk material such as sand, dirt, and sediment off of surfaces. Whether it’s your driveway surface, your car or the floor mats from your car, cold water pressure washing is the best way to clean.  But cleaning the oily auto parts or the dried oil/sludge spot under the car’s engine, that’s where a hot water pressure washer shines.

The bulk of the cleaning ability of hot water pressure washing is directly from the hot water itself,  whereas the cold pressure washers ultimate strength rests on the pressurized water pressure power & volume. Adding detergent to the water solution will assist in cleaning surfaces more effectively, however cold water pressure washing, with the appropriate amount of pressure and volume, can dispense of sediment, dirt, soil without the extra expense of hot-water washing.  Not to mention “what’s” being cleaned is a major factor, as cold water is preferred for some surfaces like wood or plastics that may alter/warp under high temperatures. 

Cold water pressure washer options such as the Landa HD series offer the most popular cleaning machines for everyday use in a variety of industrial cleaning applications.  These Landa cold water pressure washers are equipped with a rugged chassis, 13″ tires for easy maneuvering over all types of terrain and 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI that is more than enough to send soil & sediment flying with ease.

The greatest difference between the cold vs hot water pressure washer is apparent depending upon what are you cleaning, both the surface & the filth. Hot water is the best for cleaning material that is residual in nature like grease, oil, etc.  Cold water is the best for sediment-like clean-up projects for dirt and sand that once blasted goes with the literal flow.  The solution is that you use a cold water pressure washer to clean something off a surface, whereas you use a hot water pressure washer to clean something on a surface

Knowing this, let Action Equipment Sales provide you with the best cold water or hot water pressure washer to clean your mess whatever it might be. Call one of our pressure washer experts at (800) 333-0368 or visit one of our locations in Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, Evansville or Louisville.