Here at Action Equipment, we’re proud to carry a huge selection of floor cleaning machines that are perfect for your business or facility. If you’re searching for floor scrubbers, you’re probably wondering which is best for you—a walk-behind model, or a riding model. These are the two main categories of industrial floor cleaning machines, and we can help you decide which is right for your needs. Both deliver superior cleaning capabilities and can give great results on a variety of floor types. However, one may be better suited for your facility.

When looking at the differences between riding floor scrubbers and walk-behind floor scrubbers, it’s important to keep in mind your square footage (facility size), the quality and size of your maintenance staff, your budget, and your traffic levels. There are many different options for commercial cleaning equipment, so it’s great to do a little research before making your investment.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers offer great maneuverability and are typically smaller than riding models. These can be great for getting into tighter spaces, or for navigating obstacles like stairs, ramps, and corners. However, smaller machines often require more stops to change out water or detergents, and walk-behind machines require more energy output on the part of your staff. If operator fatigue is a concern, a riding model may be better suited.


Riding floor scrubbers are typically larger than walk-behinds but provide greater power and longevity for your maintenance strategy. These are great for minimizing operator fatigue and improving productivity overall but may not be able to navigate smaller spaces. If you have a very large facility, a smaller maintenance staff, or simply want to maximize your efficiency, a riding scrubber may be a great choice for you.

Depending on the specifics of your facility and staff, we can help you choose between a walk-behind or riding floor scrubber. Action Equipment has locations in Indiana and Kentucky and is the authorized sales and service center for Kärcher floor machines, Factory Cat floor scrubbers and Kodiak brand floor cleaning equipment.

When you’re ready to learn more, contact us at Action Equipment and let us help!