Indianapolis Parts Washer Sales from JenFab

Our comprehensive line of Indianapolis parts washer sales from JenFab, includes small-footprint cabinet washers to large, in-line, fully automated conveyor belt, dip agitation and rotary drum parts washers. 

Are you looking for an industrial parts washer, but aren’t sure what model best fits your needs, questioning whether your business needs a light-duty or a heavy-duty washer? Visit Action Equipment Sales with locations in Indianapolis, Indiana.

JenFab Incline Cleaning System

The Incline Cleaning System (ICS) combines both spray under immersion and a jet spray wash, making it the perfect machine for small parts cleaning. Parts are fed into the front opening and washed in a spray under immersion bath. A conveyor belt carries parts up to be further spray cleaned, rinsed or blown off.

JenFab Dip Agitation Washers

Combine immersion and agitation for a better clean. Our standard and custom dip agitation parts washers come as standalone or multi-stage systems. During cleaning, parts within a liquid bath are moved continuously by a lift mechanism.

JenFab Monorail Washers

Clean large parts or groups of small parts with a monorail washer. The machine’s overhead conveyor moves parts through your specified cleaning stages, whether rinsing, pre-treating, applying phosphate coatings or cleaning with ultrasonics. Monorail washers are customized to your exact needs, from size to stations.

JenFab Vertical Agitation Washers

Vertical agitation (VA) parts washers provide high-volume, precision cleaning using continuous flow and a basket system. Parts are dipped into one or more tanks filled with cleaning solution and then agitated. Disturbing the parts and solution removes oils, chips, buffing and lapping compounds, and grinding swarth effectively.

Pass Through Washers (MCCS)

Jenfab’s Modular Conveyorized Cleaning System (MCCS) pass-through washer is the solution to your high volume cleaning needs. Designed with today’s factory in mind, the MCCS line of washers fit easily into any production line whether it is a cellular or central cleaning system.


Ideal for either batch fed or in-line parts washing, Jenfab’s rotary drum parts washer is the perfect solution for efficiently processing a  high-volume of parts at a low cost.