Indianapolis, IN Hotsy Pressure Washing Equipment

Buy a Hotsy Pressure Washer in Indianapolis, Indiana and You’ll Have Peace of Mind Knowing You Have a Pressure Washer Built to Last.

Hotsy 555HE Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer  

The Hotsy 555HE is an efficient pressure washer built for high performance at lower operating costs. The pump comes with a 7 year warranty and a 5 year warranty on the heating coil. This pressure washer is certified to UL-1776 safety standards.

Popular Hotsy Pressure Washer Models

500 Series

This rugged but affordable machine has a broad range of applications. The 555SS is our most popular entry level hot water Hotsy pressure washer equipment in Indiana.

700 Series

Offering a balance of durability and performance, the 700 series is built to offer an affordable, entry level option. Since it uses multiple power options, including gas and electric, these Hotsy pressure washer models are popular with Indiana commercial customers.

1200 Series

If you need on-site hot water cleaning, the 1200 series provide the best value. These cleaning units are self contained and come with ETL safety certification.


Powered by gasoline engines, these power washers are some of the most popular on the market today. The five different models provide a wide array of cleaning power.

800 Series

The 800 series provides heavy duty cleaning power without sacrificing maneuverability. The easy to remove cover allows you to access the machine for service.

1800 Series

These stationary machines provide hot water cleaning indoors. Certified to UL-1776 safety standards and featuring the Hotsy Triplex efficient pump.

900 Series

The 900 series of stationary power washers comes standard with a programmable smart control automation.

5800 Series

Ideal for wash bay installations the 5800 series is easily maintained and adjusted.


This electrical powered machine is ideal for indoor use. It provides instant hot water via a submerged heating coil, reducing the need for maintenance.

1700 series

Our most reliable stationary pressure washer, the 1700 series is an electric powered cold water machine.


Made from corrosion resistant aluminum, these cold water pressure washer carts are versatile and easy to clean.


With any easily transportable skid design, the Hotsy triple pump high flow series is easily transportabled and carries a 7 year limited warranty.

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RC Series Water Recovery System

Recover wash water and help the environment while staying compliant. Wash water recovery is required by many cities and states. The RC Series can make a complicated wash water recovery simple. With a compact footprint and a drain port at the bottom of the tank provides an easy option to clean out sludge recovered.


Whether it is soaps or degreasers for high pressure washers, aqueous parts washers, floor scrubbers, water treatment or automatic vehicle wash systems, we’ll have exactly what you need tailored for your equipment.

Rotary Surface Cleaner

The Hotsy 24″ Surface Cleaner is great for use with large flat surfaces. It quickly cleans concrete & asphalt, and removes grime and deposits from tennis courts, ramps, and decks. Also great for factory floors, semi-trailer floors & drive-thrus. Cleans better and faster than spray wand alone, with no striping.