The only debate more heated than which pressure washing equipment company takes the crown of the best pressure washer, is which pressure washer manufacturer provides the best pressure washer accessories? Combining the Internet & industry websites’ analytics, we’ve compiled a list of the most in demand, best pressure washer accessories that the public is itching to attach, add-on & add-to to complete their pressure washing systems.

Pressure Washer Nozzles – Pressure washer nozzles are essential to getting the job done.The Rotating Nozzle or Turbo Nozzle is designed to use the force generated from your hot or cold-water pressure washer to clean with the impact of a zero-degree flat spray nozzle, but with the pattern of wide coverage fan spray nozzle.

Hotsy Dual Pressure Washer Lance – The Hotsy dual lance simply outshines the competition. 35” and 48” length to meet UL Standards & designed specifically for Hotsy’s specifications.

Mosmatic Surface Cleaners – Deliver the high-pressure performance you’re used to with low maintenance for any hot or cold pressure washer. Models feature completely stainless-steel design makes this the toughest surface cleaner available in the pressure-cleaning market.

General Pump Surface Cleaners – Cleans flat surfaces in a fraction of the time a hose would take. Uniformly cleans pool decks, sidewalks, garage floors, etc.

Oil-Fired Hot Box – Just add hot water to clean economically! Portable water heater add-on for existing cold water pressure washers & Quick Connect to cold water washer, supply fuel and power to Euro-Heat for hot water cleaning applications.

High-Pressure Hoses – Introducing the new Hotsy R1 and R2 high-pressure hose; the R1 and R2 hose is built to exceed the EN1829-2 Standard and will provide superior abrasion resistance that will increase the life of the hose. The R1 and R2 hose is rated up to 250°F and is available in 4000, 5000 and 6000 PSI.

Hose Reels – Lastly, no high-pressure hose is complete without hose reels. Hotsy hose reels were designed for ease of use and durability in commercial pressure washer applications. Offering 100′ and 200′ reels in both a fixed base and 360 degree rotating base.

Whereas just one of these most searched, best pressure washer accessories will not necessarily move the needle, this is about the long game. These pressure washer accessories, on their own, are not the best multitasking tools. However when combined, they begin to take the shape of a full, best-in-class pressure washing system.Action Equipment Sales is a family owned & operated business for over 50 years.  For industrial cleaning equipment, pressure washer systems, sales, service, parts and more visit one of our Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Indiana or Louisville, Kentucky locations.