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Not Sure How to Choose a industrial Pressure Washer, at Hotsy were here to help. Where you use your pressure washer may sound like a silly question, but whether you’re cleaning indoors or outdoors can make a huge difference when deciding how to choose a pressure washer, in addition to the power of the heat source and the mobility needed of the equipment.

Rugged, Industrial Pressure Washers Built for Tough Cleaning Jobs.

Since 1970, Hotsy has offered top-quality industrial cleaning equipment, along with parts and accessories that can be found in a variety of cleaning applications. Known for rugged durability, our commercial cleaning equipment is industrial-grade, and will hold up to the harsh demands of daily use.
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With some of the most rugged and durable industrial pressure washers in the industry, Hotsy is the clear choice for contractors, automotive, transportation and agriculture industries. Just one look tells you these industrial-grade pressure washing machines are designed for the demands of daily use. Buy a Hotsy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a product built to last.

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