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Factory Cat Industrial Floor Sweepers


Factory Cat Floor Sweepers are designed for factory cleaning. Our line of durable floor sweepers has been an industry leader since 1986, and will sweep dirt, dust, foundry sand, bolts, paper, wood – even metal shavings. These are industrial, all-steel machines with oversized components throughout.

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Our floor care sweepers are battery powered. Side brooms pick up dirt in corners, while a huge tubular main broom under the machine sweeps up the dirt and debris from the floor, packing it into the steel hopper. Meanwhile, the second stage vacuums up the dust and traps it in a polypropylene felt "baghouse" filter. Factory Cat's industrial floor sweepers can pick up whole bags of cement at a time without leaving a trace of dust behind!

Factory Cat is manufactured right here in the USA. With a simplistic approach to design, Factory Cat takes extra pains to design out non-essential parts, using better materials throughout, while, often, offering better prices than competition can achieve.

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