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Front Loading Automatic Parts Washers

Front load parts washers

JRI front load automatic parts washers are the finest cleaning systems available. Our cabinet washers are available in 17 standard models as well as custom units to meet any need.

Whether you clean engine parts as a service center, or wash components in manufacturing, your business will see the benefit quickly by investing in a front load parts washer. A huge time saver, parts are cleaned automatically, as opposed to employees spending time scrubbing parts by hand.

Our front load parts washers are available with cabinet sizes from 25 to 84-inches in diameter, to a working height of 23 to 84 inches. Heating elements flush hot water throughout the cabinet, to wash parts thoroughly. JRI front load parts washers have load capacity up to 2,500 lbs.

Standard features include:

  • Vertical Sealless Pump System
  • Watlow Heat Elements
  • Industrial Controls with Lighted Switches
  • Mechanical Door Seals won’t leak
  • Swing Out Doors for Full Access
  • Option Ready Shelf
  • Low Water Shut-Off

You can select from many optional features as well. Contact Action Equipment Sales today to find the right front load parts washer for your cleaning job.

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