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Hotsy’s HeatMizer heater efficient and cool to the touch

Hotsy’s radiant HeatMizer heaters are great for construction sites, utility workers, garages or other areas where workers are exposed to cold temperatures. Highly efficient and using low innovation lies in the elimination of the refractory material cone that surrounds the conical combustion chamber, typically found on competitor’s heaters. Hotsy’s heaters feature a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external protection cone, which keeps the frame cool to the touch.

Typical forced air heaters lose their heat because hot air rises, or the wind redirects the hot air stream. Radiant heat travels in straight lines and does not rise to the ceiling like hot air. It’s also unaffected by wind or rain. These are the perfect way to heat work areas where you may already be cleaning with a pressure washer.

Available in two models, the 115 or 155 have a run time of 13 to 16 hours. These radiant heaters use kerosene, diesel or jet fuel and have a low noise level.

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